Pharmaceutical / Labs

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Project Name: Merck
Location: Kenilworth, NJ
Client: Skanska
Contract Value: $450,000

Project Stats:
Renovation of existing lab facility and offices.

Coating Stats:
Surface Area Coated: 400,000 sq ft
Gallons of Paint Used: 3,000 gal.
Coating Manufactured: Sherwin Williams

Other Successful Pharmaceutical / Labs Projects Completed

1.Project Name: Child Health Institute
Location: New Brunswick, NJ
Client: Joseph Jingoli

2.Project Name: Novartis
Location: Hanover, NJ
Client: Gilbane

3. Project Name: Bristol Meyers Squibb
Location: New Brunswick, NJ
Client: Henderson

4. Project Name: Sanofi Aventis
Location: Bridgewater, NJ
Client: Sordoni

And many more…
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