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Barclays arean - nets

Client: Banker Steel
Contract: $1 million
Coating mfg: International
Gallon used:
Surface area of structural
Steel coated: 500,000 sq ft

Client: Gilbane
Contract: $4 million
Gallons used: 7,000 gal.
Surface area coated: 1,300,000 sq ft  
New meadowlands-Giants/jets

Client: Skanska
Contract: $6 million
Gallons used: 12,000 gal.
Surface area coated: 1,500,000 sq ft 
Red Bull Arena - red bulls

Client: Hunter Roberts
Contract: $ 1 million
Coating mfg: ICI
Gallons used: 2,500 gal.

Yankee stadium - yankees

Client: Turner
Contract: $5 million
Coating mfg: Tnemec
Gallons used: 10,000 gal.
Surface of structural
Steel coated: 1,000,000 sq ft

And many more…
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